Boldly Bald Women book cover art workHer hair falls out. Shock paralyzes her. Horror floods her system.She wants to scream....to run...to hide. She looks into the mirror, gazes on the reflection of an alien landscape. “Your hair is so sexy,” her husband said only a week ago. She plucks scattered strands from her pillow. Matted clumps clog the shower drain and back up the water flow. Tears stream down her cheeks.
This woman needs to read Boldly Bald Women. Boldly Bald Women, a newly released Amazon Best Seller, depicts what it is like to be a bald woman in today's society through the eyes of women living with baldness every day. Their stories of bald life in a hair addicted society will pull at your heart strings…bring you to tears…make you laugh. They will teach you and uplift you. Most of all they will change your perspective of bald women forever. And, because she is in your life, you need to read Boldly Bald Women too so you will know how best to help.

Pam Fitros, Author Boldly Bald WomenWho is she? She may be you. She may be your wife, your lover, your friend, someone at work, at church, at school.
Why did her hair fall out? It doesn’t matter why. She may have alopecia or trichotillia. She may be going through cancer chemotherapy. It may be hormonal or genetic. Whatever the reason, she needs support.
What does she need? She needs acceptance, assurance, emotional support, and knowledge. She needs to know she’s not alone in struggling to adjust to her new image. Give her the help she needs. Give her Boldly Bald Women.

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Boldy Bald Women front cover revision after we became an Amazon best seller.

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